Responding to Criticism

mark-lolyGreetings from Mark and Loly

This month, the correspondence from our website brought an unusual email from a Mormon gentleman:

“Instead of trying to bring different Christian sects to combat the evil in the world, you serve the devil by criticizing others you truly know nothing about… I believe that Jesus Christ is the only Savior of this world! I also know His mission is one of peace, loving one another, praying for your enemies, and banding together as Christians to combat the evil in the world! ALL CONFUSION AND CONTENTION IS ONLY OF THE DEVIL! Your website is filled with contention, not peace and love and filled with disaffected Mormons or Jehovah Witnesses that never truly understood their religions. May God have mercy on your contentious souls, for you know not what you do nor whom you serve!” Continue reading “Responding to Criticism”

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Keith Visiting the Memorial of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Interview with Keith Walker – Hurting to Healing

If you are a former Jehovah’s Witness, an active Jehovah’s Witness, or a Christian reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses, you will want to tune in to this show!

Interview w/Keith Walker of Evidence Ministries on Hurting to Healing w/Melissa

Keith and his wife Becky have been personal friends of our ministry for almost 20 years.  Keith has an amazing ability make Scripture come alive!  Hold onto your pen and paper as you listen to him share his interactions that he has had over the years with Jehovah’s Witnesses. He will also be addressing the topic: THE MEMORIAL. You will be encouraged, challenged, and have tools and tips to use when reaching Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Keith’s Quick Questions for Jehovah’s Witnesses You-Tube Channel:

Using The Memorial To Witness To Jehovah’s Witnesses

Continue reading “Keith Visiting the Memorial of Jehovah’s Witnesses – Interview with Keith Walker – Hurting to Healing”

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Know the Truth Make Sure Ministries Workbook

Know the Truth – Make Sure Ministries Workbook Helping Ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

Click Here to Download the full Bible Study PDF (87 MB)

Todd and Betty Ellis were saved out of the Jehovah’s Witness Watchtower organization in December 1981.  Since that time, they have been actively sharing their testimonies and have helped countless Jehovah’s Witnesses leave the Watchtower to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This workbook is a compilation of Bible Study lessons that Todd and Betty developed to disciple Jehovah’s Witnesses out of the Watchtower in Biblical Christianity. Continue reading “Know the Truth Make Sure Ministries Workbook”

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I accepted another Jesus, a different gospel, and received a different spirit!

Julie and Becky equipping the Church to reach out in love to Jehovah's Witnesses.
Julie and Becky equipping the Church to reach out in love to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

In June I visited a church in my area and shared the story of how I joined and left the Watchtower Society. Not everyone there knew my background, so I began by telling them about my excitement in learning the Bible for the first time without mentioning it was through a study with Jehovah’s Witnesses. My goal was to take them along on my journey of subtle deception. As a Bible student, I learned some valid truths but along the way I was also fed lies. After telling the audience about the happiness I experienced in the first few years of finding “the truth,” I let them into some of my personal thoughts as the weight of the Watchtower pressed down on me….

“Week after week, month after month, I kept reading the Bible, attending services, evangelizing… but I just wasn’t feeling God’s love……I’d ask…. why do I feel like I’m going backwards in my faith instead of forward??? I mean, I had accepted the truth… so why was this darkness always hovering over me? Why do I have this hatred building in me? I’m so angry… I’m so judgmental… I’m so sad…. I am in the truth, for I believe and stand on all the things they taught me about Jesus and the good news we’re called to share. James says faith without works is dead and I work! God knows I work! I’m busy in kingdom works! I must have faith then…. I should be happy… they said I’d be happy…. I know who the angel of light and his ministers are now…. it’s Satan and all the churches under his care…the Catholics, the Baptists, the Lutherans, the Evangelicals, those nuts at River’s Harvest… I’m in the truth, those people are being lied to… ha, they think Jesus is God… what a lie!!! I have the truth!!! I need to offer them a free home Bible study and teach them the truth…. I have the truth! Those people in their stupid demon-filled churches are being lied to… if only they would attend meetings with me where we are all taught the truth. We don’t get involved in politics, or celebrate all those pagan holidays, we remain pure…. when we gather for communion only we do it right because we have the truth!!! Those silly people at River’s Harvest will actually eat the bread and drink the wine today to affirm they are the body of Christ! LIE! LIE! LIE! They think they’re all going to heaven… ha! Only those in the new covenant go to heaven and most of us are not invited to that… I know I’m not … when I gather for communion with my congregation we pass the emblems and none of us partake. No one, not a one!! And we do this to the glory of God…. Because we know the truth!!! ….” Continue reading “I accepted another Jesus, a different gospel, and received a different spirit!”

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Third Generation Jehovah’s Witness SAVED!


Keith speaking at the Witnesses Now for Jesus ConventionEarly this year, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses stumbled upon the website for Witnesses Now For Jesus and contacted the moderator, Bob Gray. He had been raised in his parent’s religion as a third generation Witness. Over the years, he questioned the claims of the Watchtower but continued to read his Bible and pray for truth. When he asked Bob “where to go,” Bob replied that John 6:68 does not say “where” but asks to “whom.” This Witness man asked, “you mean go to Jesus?” Like most of us who come out of the Watchtower, it sounded too simple and Bob assured him that it is that simple.

There were a few calls in between and on January 6 this gentleman told Bob that he’d like to discuss the Deity of Christ but didn’t even know how to pray about it. Bob explained that the Spirit helps us when we do not know how to pray and intercedes for us (Romans 8:26). This searching Witness meditated on the Scripture and on January 8 called Bob to tell him that he’d been crying for two days and announced “I’ve come to Jesus!” Immediately he began to tell his friends and was surprised that they “just don’t get it.” He recognized his need to fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ and called one day to say “I need a church!” At this time, Bob and him are studying the Bible together over the phone and he’s been put in touch with some Christian ex-JWs in his own area. Continue reading “Third Generation Jehovah’s Witness SAVED!”

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What Will God Do Next Year?

Julie Java13 Come now, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a city, and spend a year there and engage in business and make a profit.” 14 Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. 15 Instead,you ought to say, “If the Lord wills, we will live and also do this or that.” (James 4:13-15)

What is the Lord’s will for next year? Will that Mormon friend of yours finally understand what you’ve been sharing with him about Jesus? Will you see the answer to your prayers this year in a relative’s exit from the Watchtower? Will this be the year your ideas for greater coverage in a ministry to the cults finds a place to flourish? Will God raise up more helpers to pray with you, support you and provide resources? What will God do? Continue reading “What Will God Do Next Year?”

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How to Unlock the mind of a Jehovah’s Witness and set them FREE


I Believed, Therefore I Spoke – 2 Cor 4:13

I love the focus of one member on the Meetup for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses. She recently incited us to good works through a post she titled, “How to unlock the mind of a JW and set them FREE.” This is what she wrote:

“I had an idea about how any of us former JW’s can help each other to help JW’s out of the org.
Let’s start making a list of questions relating to what’s wrong with the organization. Questions that will help make them THINK about what they are involved with.  Nothing to do with Doctrine, just the organization. There are 559 EX-JW’s here. I hope we all can think of at least one question to ask.” Continue reading “How to Unlock the mind of a Jehovah’s Witness and set them FREE”

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Jehovah’s Witnesses 101

Melissa – Ministry Partner



bullets View Melissa’s Ephesians 2 Ministry Video Corner


Growing up, the ‘God’ that I was taught about was the ‘New Age’ view of God. We went to church when I was a kid, but not regularly. My Mom was very much a ‘free thinker’ and extremely unbiased when it came to others beliefs. Because of that, I learned to be very open-minded and tolerant of other people’s beliefs, no matter what they were. We were taught to find the ‘common ground’ in what we all believed. In a sense, it was a type of ‘salad bar’ belief system- just take what you want from each religion or belief, and go with it.

My great Grandparents were Christian Scientists, so my family embraced a lot of their teachings. We believed in the teachings of Jerry and Esther Hicks, Oprah, Eckhart Tolle, Emmet Fox, Rhonda Byrne, James Redfield and many many more New Age/New Thought teachers.

Jesus was very much looked like as the other great teachers of history. He was ‘God in the flesh’ only in the sense that He became ‘awakened’ and tapped into His Godhood — something we all can do. In short — it’s the serpent’s lie. You can be your own ‘God’ in this type of New Age belief system.

Ironically, I never knew there was a word for these beliefs until after I left them. I never knew we had ‘New Age’ beliefs. It was always a ‘higher consciousness’ or ‘spiritually awakened’ instead of ‘New Age’. The trickiest part is that it’s an extremely loving, giving, harmonious, peaceful, attractive and blissful belief system. It was the perfect deception. Continue reading “Melissa – Ministry Partner”

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Tim – Street Ministry to Jehovah’s Witnesses in New York City

Tim and JoyTIM and Tracy

bulletsTim’s Website: http://jehovahswitness

I was raised in a Catholic family, went to Catholic School for 4 years, and practiced Catechism until graduation from high school. But I only knew of “dos” and “donts”, and never really got anything out of it. In fact, the emptiness led to a rebellious time period spanning quite a number of years. In the midst of those years, I became engaged to be married to a Jehovah’s Witness young lady. Since I was going to be having a marriage with a Jehovah’s Witness, I thought it was a good idea to investigate the group. In doing so, I found so much mind control and lies (factually and Biblically) that it doomed my relationship (Praise God!). It was only several years later that I became a Christian. Continue reading “Tim – Street Ministry to Jehovah’s Witnesses in New York City”

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Midwest Christian Outreach – Don and Joy Veinot


bullets  Don’s Website:

Don and Joy Veinot

L.L. (Don) Veinot Jr. is co-founder and President of Midwest Christian Outreach, Inc., a national apologetics ministry and mission to new religious movements based in Wonder Lake, IL USA. It has branch offices in Spring Hill, FL, Cape Coral, FL, Quincy, IL and Lohrville, IA. He, along with his wife of 41 years, Joy, have been involved in discernment ministry as missionaries to New Religious Movements since 1987. Continue reading “Midwest Christian Outreach – Don and Joy Veinot”

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Dispel the Darkness Ministries



DISPEL THE DARKNESS  – Tom and Pat McGovern

bullets Tom’s Website:

For thirty years, I (Tom) was the slave of an organization that calls itself Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since I had sincerely given my life to Jesus as a teenager, how could I have fallen prey to their deception… and for so long?  I believe it was because I never associated with a church on a long-term basis and was not discipled so as to understand the difference between biblical teaching and cultic propaganda.  I am grateful to the Lord that He has delivered me. Continue reading “Dispel the Darkness Ministries”

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One-on-One Phone Discipleship

todd-bettyOne-on-One Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Christian Biblical Discipleship over the Phone

Are you out of Jehovah’s Witnesses but lost and confused not knowing what to believe?

Matthew 11:28-30: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Todd and Betty with Make Sure Ministries know how you feel and they want to help. They offer a Christian / Biblical Outreach to help people struggling with their experiences in the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Continue reading “One-on-One Phone Discipleship”

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Donna – Christian Ministry Partner


I was born and raised Catholic but did not know or understand God. I had a desire to read the Bible but didn’t own one and didn’t even know a person could actually go and buy one.  I expressed my desire to my husband (who was not saved at the time) about wanting to read the Bible and one day he bought me one.  As I began reading, I sensed that Jesus was very important but I didn’t know why.  I kept reading and praying that God would show me the truth. It was then that Jehovah Witnesses came knocking at my door. They told me that they could help me understand the Bible so I began a weekly Bible study with them.  This went on for nine months. I bought all the literature they told me I needed to buy as well. I never read through any of the books I bought from them.  I just collected them and kept reading my Bible every day. Continue reading “Donna – Christian Ministry Partner”

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