Common Questions Asked about ElevateClicks


As our ministry has been partnering with ElevateClicks, a PPC management company to obtain and maintain a Google Ad Grant that allows us to advertise free on the Google search system, we have received numerous inquiries concerning our use of their services.  The following is a list of the most common questions asked and our response to them:

– How long have you been using Elevate Clicks?

Since Jan/February 2015.

– How well have they fulfilled your expectations in terms of service from your representative?

Very well. We are learning many things about AdWords that we knew nothing about so they have been extremely helpful in both educating our team and helping our Ads be more effective with quality clicks and responsiveness. Continue reading “Common Questions Asked about ElevateClicks”

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Partnership with Elevate Clicks

For the past few months, our ministry has been partnering with Elevate

Clicks, a PPC management company to obtain and maintain the Google Ad Grant that allows us to advertise for free on the Google search system. ElevateClicks focuses on managing Google Adwords accounts for small businesses and Google Grants for nonprofits of all sizes. They are passionate about online advertising, inbound marketing, keeping things simple, clean, and building long term relationships with their client partners.

In the past, we tried to manage an AdWords account ourselves with a financial budget so low that our ads were not able to place in the search-engine ranking lists of Google. But with the help of ElevateClicks and the $10,000 monthly Google Grant (which they have been able to obtain for us) our Ads are outperforming this amazing budget on a daily-level, and we have seen our product sales increase by double to triple what they were before the Google Grant.

We are truly pleased to recommend ElevateClicks and their partnership with the Google Grant program for any non-profit that is looking to advertise with Google AdWords.  And we are now looking to take our Google Grant account to the $40,000 Google Grants Pro.  Stay tuned as we keep you updated on our progress. Please take a time to visit their website by going to if you’re interested in their services.

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