An Interview with My Mother

In February I traveled to meet with Melissa Bramer for a special two hour interview at my mother’s apartment. Melissa and I both arrived in time for lunch with my mom and dad and sat around the kitchen table for several hours before the evening blogtalk radio show. Since Melissa’s “Hurting to Healing” first aired on blogtak radio in November 2014, my mother’s been a regular listener, even at the cost of missing her Tuesday night BINGO games! In the interview, my mother offered the unique perspective of what it was like for a parent to watch her adult child (me) join a high control religious group. As former Jehovah’s Witnesses, Melissa and I hope this will be used to inform the community about the dangers of this sect. We also hope it was encouraging for those directly affected by the Watchtower Society to hear that broken relationships can be restored. Continue reading “An Interview with My Mother”

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Special Guest Arlene and Julie McAllen

In this program, Melissa spoke with Arlene and Julie McAllen. Arlene is the mother of Julie McAllen the host of the Ex-Jehovah’s Witness Worldwide Meetup!  Learn what it was like for her to lose her daughter to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Special Guest Arlene & Julie McAllen~Hurting to Healing w/Melissa

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