Jesus’ Triumphal Entry by a Colt of a Donkey

Donkey Cross

Jesus Triumphal entry Story narrated by the Donkey!

Hi everyone, my name is the colt of a donkey. I am the donkey Jesus rode at his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem the week before he was crucified. Oh how thrilling it was to have the master, creator of the universe, the King of Glory chose me, to carry him into the Holy city. What an exciting time. Continue reading “Jesus’ Triumphal Entry by a Colt of a Donkey”

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Who Jehovah’s Witnesses REALLY Are

Gloria's Horse PhotographyGLORIA’S RESEARCH ON THE FREEMASON AND ILLUMINADI DEMONIC ROOTS OF WHO JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES REALLY ARE – Facts about the Jehovah’s Witness Organization by Gloria

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MOVIE – Jeremiah Films….Ex- Jehovah’s Witness couple make documentary movie Called “Witness of Jehovah”, and expose the lies and false teaching of the Jehovah’s Witness Organization.

1 hour long:

Founded in 1876 by Charles Taze Russell.    Russell’s family bloodline is listed in the book “The 13 bloodlines of the Illuminati” by Fritz Springmeyer….  The Illuminati and the Freemasons are a secret men’s society who are the world’s elite.  They control the money of the world and worship the devil.

The Watchtower and the Masons by Fritz Springmeyer:

Russell’s date system for Armageddon came from the great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt in his book Divine Plan of the Ages, which was one of the 7 volumes of the Study in the Scriptures Series.  In which he predicted the end of the world in 1914.  Russell being involved with the Freemasons used Masonic signs and symbols on his books and Watchtower magazines such as follows: Continue reading “Who Jehovah’s Witnesses REALLY Are”

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Who Were the Magi?

Gloria's Horse PhotographyWHO WERE THE MAGI OR WISE MEN WHO VISITED JESUS? A Bit of History and Culture by Gloria

The ancient Greek historian Herodotus records that the Magi were priests of the Medes and Persians, a people who occupied the land where Iran is today. They lived in Babylon and Mesopotamia during much of the Old Testament Bible era. The Magi were experts in Astronomy. They were considered scholars of their time. They served as scientist, mathematicians, philosophers, doctors, and legal authorities of their culture. Our word Magistrate comes from the word Magi. They were also in the Bible called Magic practicing priests, the ones who interpret dreams. Continue reading “Who Were the Magi?”

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