Bishop Lee and Kathy Discussing the Wives of Joseph Smith

Former Mormon Bishop Lee and Kathy Baker in front of the Salt Lake City Temple

The Manti Outreach to the Mormon People is the largest known Christian gathering to witness to and pray for the members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the world. This two-week event is held in Manti, Utah and is centered on The Mormon Miracle Pageant sponsored by the Mormon Church each June.

Interview with Lee Baker on the Streets of Utah

As a direct result of your generous support this past year, Kathy and I were able to spend just over two-weeks witnessing to the Mormons and providing Training to over 400 Christians who traveled to Manti from New England, Florida, California and even central England to participate in this outpouring of Love and Compassion to the lost souls of the Mormon Faith.

Training and Radio Broadcasting from Ephraim Church of the Bible

On this trip we were able to teach a class on how to witness to Mormons at Calvary Chapel SLC for a group of youth that came to visit Russ East of KUTR radio. We were able to witness at the Manti Pageant for 8 nights. We taught a class on how to witness to Mormons at Wasatch Cowboy Church (Pastor Larry McGruder) a small church that is made up of 70% of Ex-Mormons, and we taught a class on how to witness to Mormons at Ephraim Church of the Bible for Tri-Grace Ministries.


Former Bishop Lee Baker witnessing to Mormons on the Streets of Manti UT

It was a very fruitful trip where we felt we planted seeds in many people.  One Mormon lady in particular exchanged email address with Kathy and she is READY to leave the Mormon Church! God really led Kathy  to her through our friend Tom who pointing out a group of women at the Manti pageant who were watching us sing our worship songs in the street before we began witnessing. Kathy walked over to them and asked if they would like to join us in singing. This Mormon lady’s mother quickly said, “No!” She also asked why we came to their event to protest?

When Kathy was explaining that the temple has nothing to do with the purpose of the temple in Biblical times, she was interrupted by the Mormon lady’s other sister who was also very angry at Kathy’s presence. She grabbed her sister’s hand and said “Let’s go.” They all turned to leave except for this 40-year old lady who said, “You go ahead Mom, I want to stay and talk.”

Kathy talked with her for 45 minutes before this Mormon lady’s mom returned, very upset.   Then an hour later, this same Mormon lady came back out to the street and Kathy was able to introduce her to Pastor Rodney and Kim & Shane Jones of Tri-Grace Ministries in Ephraim, UT. They made a great connection and Rodney was able to tell her of some churches in her area (Mt Pleasant) Provo.

Without question, the Lord has moved in mighty ways to prepare both the Mormons and His followers to meet and discuss His True Gospel there on the streets of Manti.  Over a dozen active members of the Mormon Church came to the Lord and made a solid profession of faith in Jesus Christ of the Bible and renouncing the teachings of Joseph Smith.


Facts on the Polygamy of Joseph Smith – Learn more at

One of the most provocative and yet straightforward witnessing opportunities this year in Manti was the visually shocking live demonstration of the 34 wives of Joseph Smith.

34 Wives Walking the Streets of Manti Utah
Kathy posing as the 28th Wife of Joseph Smith – Elvira Cowles Holmes 29 who was married to her living husband Jonathan Holmes at the same time that she married Joseph Smith

Kathy had the opportunity to join 33 other Christian women and girls who represented (in period dress and demeanor) the wives of Joseph Smith.   This demonstration, which paraded through the main sections of town and climaxed at the foot of the Mormon Temple, provided in many cases, the first opportunity for the Mormon people to be exposed to the appalling spectacle of 34 women and girls depicting only a portion of the know wives of Joseph Smith.

Each Christian representative of one of the many wives of Smith knew well the personal history and actual situations in which they were taken as the secret wives of the founder of Mormonism. In most cases Joseph did not tell his first wife (Emma) of these other wives, many of whom were already the wives of his fellow Mormon associates. Additionally, he had taken several Mother and Daughter sets as secret wives, several Sister sets as secret wives and even two 14 year old girls when he was at the age of 37.

Kathy with Norm Godfrey – great, great grandson of Elvira Cowles Holmes (28th wife of Joseph Smith)

In an amazing coincidence managed by God Himself, Kathy was on the street in Manti representing the 28th wife of Joseph Smith (Elvira Cowles Holmes), who was taken by Smith even though she was already married, and Kathy was approached by a Mr. Norm Godfrey the Great, Great-grandson of Sister Holmes came to Kathy and said

“Hey, this lady is a relative of mine and I have been Saved in Christ after I learned the Truth.”

What an amazing opportunity to meet an actual relative of the Mormon deception of Polygamy. Norm told his story during our Radio Interview from Manti Here at the link below:

Translation Process of the Book of Mormon and Interviews of Ex-Mormons and Christians on the Streets of Utah

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Training Christians how to Witness to Mormons

In the days leading up to the evenings of witnessing on the streets of Manti, Lee and Kathy provided both group and individual training specific to how best to understand the “Mormon Mindset” which focused on the unique and false teachings of Mormonism from which the Mormon would need to be rescued.

Our principal function as former Mormons has been to teach “Mormonism to the Mormons,” as the vast majority of the Mormon Church is totally unaware that they have been deceitfully indoctrinated into many non-Christian values, doctrines and practices. Thus, when they discover that the true teachings of Mormonism are incompatible with their personal, moral and ethical beliefs and standards, this often becomes the catalyst for further discussions with the goal of breaking the Mormon’s trust from the LDS Church and leading them to Jesus Christ and the Bible as the supreme authority for Christian faith and practice.

Lee sharing on the streets of Manti

Due to our unique experiences within Mormonism, we were blessed with the opportunity to speak to the hearts of several Mormons in extraordinary and personal ways.

Kathy conversing with LDS youth

Following are a few examples of how God had moved in Manti to bring several individuals and families to speak to us both:


LDS Youth:            “You all here are just lying, this is not true.”

Kathy:              “It is true and I have the history of this wife right here (reads from historical record) and it states that I as wife 28 was taken by Joseph Smith from my own husband and family and I was used to ‘recruit’ even younger women from the Church to be taken by him.”

Lee:                  “So… do you think this is true about Joseph Smith having so many wives, and I see that there are a few young girls among the group”

Mormon:            “There is No Way that demonstration is true, he may have had two or three, but not this many (pointing to the group of 34)

Lee:                  “Let me show you here an official statement from the Church that claims he could have had as many as 40, according to the Church records”

Mormon:            “Disgusting, I do not believe it, I will need to research this more, there is no way”

Lee:                  “Brother, were you aware that Book of Mormon and Mormon teaching was and still is very Racist?” and “Can you explain to this Black Man here (pointing to a Christian) that he has been Cursed by God with a skin of blackness as your Scriptures teach.”

Mormon:            “That is not true, or it was true but it is not so now.” And “I am not that way and I know that God is not a racist, I have some deep study to do.”

LDS Woman            “There is no way that the Prophet Joseph had this many wives.”

Kathy:              “Dear Sister, not only did he have this many… he may have had 40 according to the newly released Historical Essay from the Church Headquarters.” “I too did not know this when I was a Member of the Church, it is true but it is so revolting.”

Bishop Lee talking with Mormons on the street

In more private conversations I (dressed like a Mormon Bishop), explained to several older Mormons that even the way we dress, pointing to my shirt and tie, represents the very foundation of the deceptive nature of the Mormon Church.   The point being that a Mormon is taught to recognize and respect the “look” of a good man or woman without questioning the Biblical nature of his or her teaching.

Several Mormon Missionaries were just bewildered that an active Mormon Bishop, like me, would leave the “True Church” until they spent a few moments looking into the deceiving doctrine of the Mormon Temple and the concept that God was once a man.

More than any other year, according to the Outreach organizers, this year saw many more deep spiritually challenging conversations and confession among the Mormons as a Spirit of urgency has been active in the lives of these lost people due to the fact that the Leadership of the Mormon Church has been seen but its own Membership to be wavering on some significant historical and doctrinal issues.


In addition to talking to Mormons on the streets of Manti, we also took a day to visit Salt Lake City and talk to sister missionaries and a few of the leaders at the Mormon Temple Visitor Center of Temple Square.

Lee talking to the Salt Lake City Mormon Temple Security Guards

We went with a group of Christian college students Who had never been there before. We were very polite in asking questions about Mormon doctrine and asking where the pillars of Mormonism could be found within the book of Mormon.

Come to find out we were told that none of the Mormon doctrine could be found in the book of Mormon…Temple marriage, baptism for the dead, the priesthood, plurality of God’s, God having a body of flesh and bones, God having been once a man progressing to Godhead. Come to find out the “most correct book upon the face of the earth,” The book of Mormon, according to the Mormon people, does not contain these doctrines. All of these doctrines are found in the Mormon Doctrine & Covenants.

After our talk with the sister missionaries, the group of Christians we were with went outside when a group of security guards approached us, took our pictures and told us that we were to leave Temple Square and were not allowed to come back for six months or we would be arrested.

One of the Christians who had not even spoken to the security guard asked if that included the whole group or just Lee Baker? He said it included everyone associated with Lee! So once again The Mormon church kicks Lee Baker out for asking questions! First they kick him out of the Mormon church by excommunication for asking questions… Now Temple Square for asking questions about their church!”


Lee interviewing David, and Ex-LDS member sharing about his experiences in the Church during the “Mainstream Mormonism” broadcast on Mind Control

We had wonderful interviews with several people we met in Utah,   from Ex-Mormons to regular Christians who had come to witness to Mormons from all over the US and as far away as the United Kingdom.  On our broadcast about the Mind Control mindset of Mormonism, we interviewed David, who also discussed his experiences in the LDS Church.

Mormonism, Mind Control and Joseph Smith

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As the Lord moves in Truth and Light, we also believe that the massive flood of Mormons, who will soon be exiting this Cult mindset, will not be fully realized until His People and His Followers are truly ready to teach, love and catch the Mormon People in greater numbers that will come. With that in mind, Lee and Kathy have been asked to increase their unique training to the Christian Communities, especially in the West to better prepare for the major exit of the Mormon People, thus assure the Lord’s will that these millions of deceived souls do not turn to atheism or another works-based false Church of man.

May you be so Bless for your support of this Mission as many Members of the Mormon Church here in America and in Africa have come to the Lord through your dedication.


In Him Alone,

Lee and Kathy Baker

Ephesians 2:8-9New International Version (NIV)

8 For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God— 9 not by works, so that no one can boast.

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Author: Lee Baker

Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker - As a member of the Mormon faith for 32 years, having served honorably in many Leadership positions at the Branch, Ward and Stake level, I forced my own excommunication in 2008 after several painful years of meetings and letters to the highest levels of the Mormon Church concerning questions of doctrine and history.