A Very Rewarding Reflection of the Past 9 years of Ministry in Africa – A Biblical Partnership with You

A very rewarding reflection of the past 9 years of Ministry in Africa – A Biblical Partnership with You

September of 2018

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters:

Kathy and I have spent the last few weeks preparing for our historic visit to Liberia, West Africa. In doing so, we have been blessed to review a few of the nearly 1,000 letters, emails, texts and cards that have been sent to us from a devastated collection of Mormons, Ex-Mormons and Christians who have been moved to witness to the African Mormons.

We consider our visit to be historic, primarily because we have been told that never before in the 30-year history of the Mormon Church in Liberia, has a former Mormon Bishop (White or Black), to Preach and Teach in the West African Nation that was sponsored by the United States in 1821. It is even more poignant that we will expose the despicable Racism of Mormonism, directly from the Book of Mormon itself, to seven Christian Churches and hundreds of Black Mormons.

Following are just a few emotional statements from the years past that has strengthened our resolve and demonstrated the mighty work of God in Africa:

“I am a Mormon, I have been a Mormon since age 12. I have listened closely to your teaching for many years. I must now change Churches. I have been saved by God, through your teaching.” Joseph David from Monrovia City.

“I have come to know that your words are from the Bible and not from the Mormons. I was almost a Mormon, but God is found in your broadcast and the Mormons have no answer.” Eric Benda, Bomi, County.

“Dear Sister Baker, your love for the Mormons and distrust of their doctrine in clear to us. I am Mormon and a regular listener.   You have opened my eyes, I must now follow the truth.” Tonia McDaniel, Liberia.

It is so very hard to listen to you both, but to live a lie is worse. How can a Bishop teach such things? Where are you gaining such knowledge? We have not heard of such things.” Dannuel Taylor, Monrovia.

These are but a few of the comments from the over 500 Black Mormons who have come out of the bondage of Mormonism, and into a Biblical and Fulfilling relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our visit, although expensive financially, can never be measured spiritually by those who at times have reported to us that they feel excluded, rejected or as second-class Christians, worthy of distant donations but not personal contact or individual commitment.

We are blessed to be your hands and your hearts in Africa, to demonstrate the strength and unity of the Global Body of Christ.

If you would like to support our upcoming trip, Click HERE to Help Send Lee Baker to Africa

In Him we Serve, You we Represent.

Lee and Kathy Baker

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