A Rigged Court with Strong Mormon Influence – No Good Option for a Fair Trial


Lee’s Court Battle all began when he was witnessing to Mormons the Truth about Mormonism at the Mormon Temple Opening in Indiana. Watch and read these News Reports on their Outreach here at these links:

Mormon temple in Carmel opens doors to public

Lee and Kathy at the Indiana Mormon Temple Opening

After the outreach, Lee was taken to court by the Mormon General Authority in charge of the Temple outreach. Due to the seriousness of the felony criminal charges which bear the possibility of prison time for sending a single open-letter email exposing Mormonism to several people in the State of Indiana which a Mormon General Authority who is also high-ranking lawyer in a prestigious law firm in Indiana claimed constituted 3 felony charges of stalking, harassment and intimidation, Lee was arrested and thrown in jail, nearly beat up in this jail by convicted felons, and forced to pay a $3,000 bond to get out and then put on 2 GPS monitoring devices that ran to the tune of $700 a month which he has had to pay for out of pocket, and check in with a parole officer once a week for the past 6 months.

Now, after $30,000 spent on legal fees, the courts simply couldn’t just let him go and wave all of these baseless felony charges which the State of Indiana took up without examining the lack of evidence, nor could they make a decision on the seriousness of his email exposing Mormonism without forcing him to either Plea Bargain to get the remaining felony charge off his record, or press toward a full trial by jury, to the tune of an additional $10,000 which his lawyer could not guarantee a victory due to technicalities in Lee’s case that could be manipulated to ensure that at least a couple misdemeanors remain on his record, along with potential prison time, his best option in this highly-rigged, Mormon criminal case was to accept a plea bargain.

This is what a person gets when he tangos with a high-ranking Mormon leader who is also a senior lawyer in the Law firm that represents the State of Indiana that is also served by the Deputy Chief of Police in Indianapolis who is also a Mormon.

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This is a must-read for Americans who may not fully comprehend the current attacks on our Personal Freedoms and Civil Liberties.  Excerpts in this article (below) are taken directly from the Book by former Mormon Bishop Lee B. Baker entitled, Jailed for Teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in America: The True Story of Mormon Corruption in Indiana, which details the true story of Lee Baker who was arrested and falsely charged with 3 felonies in the Fall of 2015 while preaching the Gospel to Mormons in the state of Indiana.

Explanation of Narrative Style and A Legal Notice from the Author:

What follows is the true story of six days within the violent Marion County Jail, Indianapolis, Indiana, among brutal Federal, State and County Inmates from a wide-ranging degree of criminal backgrounds and convictions.  In 2014, the “Indy Channel,” RTV-6 (ABC Affiliate) reported 20 deaths within the Marion County Jail, six times the rate per capita as the Indiana State Prison.  As a suspected Felon, my entire time was spent among some of the most violent and wicked of men from the Midwest.

This graphic and true story has been developed and issued under an Ex Parte Order for Protection from the Marion County, Indiana, Superior Court, Criminal Division, Case Number 49G21-1507-PO-024527, and as such this information is for You (the reader) and is Not intended (directly or indirectly) for the Petitioners (aka: Mr. Paul H. Sinclair or Indianapolis Deputy Chief of Police, Bryan K. Roach).   The following information and my comments are About Mr. Sinclair, Partner of the Law Offices of Ice Miller and a Senior Leader within the Mormon Church, and About the Indianapolis Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Bryan K. Roach and is not To Mr. Sinclair, the Law Firm of Ice Miller or any of their Clients or To the Indianapolis Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Bryan K. Roach. As such you are instructed Not to share this information With Mr. Sinclair, the Law Firm of Ice Miller or any of their Clients or With the Deputy Chief of Police, Mr. Bryan K. Roach. If you do distribute, communicate or cause this information to be distributed or communicated with Mr. Sinclair, the Law Firm of Ice Miller or any of their Clients or Mr. Roach, either directly or indirectly, you may be at risk of legal action. The information, observations and comments within this short story are exclusively the personal opinions of Mr. Lee B. Baker. The information, observations and comments within this short story are for informational purposes only and are NOT intended or designed as any form of harassment, intimidation, defamation or stalking. What follows is intended as a Public Notice of One Man’s Opinion.  As an active member of the Press Corps, the International Radio Media, a Christian Minister and a Retired Disabled Veteran of the United States Military, I request your support in promoting and supporting our collective Freedom of Speech.  This literary work is published under the protection and authority of the United States Press Agency – Reporter of Religion: Mr. Lee B. Baker, UPA Media Group ID Number:  I-US/VI-01/31941, Las Vegas, Nevada. United State of America


For those American readers who may still not fully comprehend the current attacks on your Personal Freedoms and Civil Liberties, Please sit down and buckle-up.  At our home in California on the morning of Wednesday, the 2nd of March 2016, I received a completely outrageous and excessively oppressive Plea Agreement from the State of Indiana.  To both demonstrate and confirm what I believe to be the unethical and corrupt connection among the State of Indiana, the Law Firm of Ice Miller, and the Mormon Church, I have included an original copy of that first Plea Agreement as Appendix C.   The Plea Agreement from the State offered to dismiss All remaining charges, if I would agree to Never Discuss this Story, to Never Report this Story, to Never to Publish this Story, to Never to Comment on this Story, to Never be Interviewed about this Story and to Never Contact the Mormon Church on any subject in any manner, means, method or mode for a period of three years.

For 36 consecutive years I served the United States of America with distinction, dedication and courage.  For that entire time I held a Top Secret security clearance with Special Access to the Nation’s most sensitive Intelligence information for The National Security Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency.   This unethical offer from the State of Indiana was absolutely and completely unacceptable on several levels.  Therefore, at the very real risk of 3 to 5 years within one of the many brutal Indiana State Prisons, here, now and without restrictions, is my graphic but True Story of corruption in Indiana.


It would not be for several weeks after I was thrown across the cell, over the steel table and onto my back, that I would learn the black teardrop prison tattoo just below his right eye was the mark of a murderer.   What I did recognize for certain, was that with an erratic arterial condition, already exhausted and just a few months shy of age 60, the beating promised that evening from this 6’ 3” inch, thirty-something hoodlum would not go well, not well at all.

As I picked myself up, hung my head and began to return to my bunk I heard: “Hey, Old School, you jack-ass, come back here and clean-up your mess!”  My violent and unscheduled launch over my lunch had scattered the remainder of the marginally edible food across the floor of the “Gladiator Pit” on the 4th floor of the Marion County Jail in downtown Indianapolis.  I slowly bent down and began to pick up the few scattered peas and carrots, as the cornbread and milk had been taken from me earlier.  There, on my hands and knees, with a chorus of very graphic profanities in the background, I wondered, how… how did I come to be here?

Just two days earlier I was prepared and smugly confident that I could and would not only represent myself well in Court, but I might even take the opportunity to preach a bit to my accuser and even to the Judge if necessary. The brutal fact was my hearing started at 1:30 in the afternoon of September 23rd, 2015, and by 1:45 I was shackled in chains.  True humility is often acquired very swiftly and most often at an exceptionally unreasonable price.   On that, the second day of six behind bars with murderers, rapists and thieves, I stood as a supreme example of precisely that expensive education.

What follows is the short story of precisely how an articulate, if somewhat arrogant, College Educated, 36-year Veteran of the National Security Agency and Grandfather of ten, with no criminal record, found himself in a large urine and blood stained communal cell with 38 other suspected or convicted Felons.  As the only elderly white male and certainly the only inmate without a tattoo, the distrustful looks and finally the piercing questions began within the first hour. “So…what’s your deal Old School?” and “Are You a Cho-Mo or what?”

Without my “Papers,” the slang for a copy of my formal Court charges, the exceptionally unlikely story that I had been arrested only for sending religious emails did not sound accurate, much less would that alone have earned me a bunk on the 4th floor with the worst of the worst.  I then mistakenly added the fact that I had been charged with 3 felonies and 18 misdemeanors.  Although it was true, this additional information only confirmed their suspicions. “Screw you, Cho-Mo,” they said and walked away disgusted.   To be accepted by the welcoming committee of the “Gladiator Pit” would never have been an anticipated highlight of my life, but now, to be thoroughly rejected by them was terrifying.  With the established assumption that I was a child molester (Cho-Mo) among 38 Federal, State and County Felons, suddenly the impact of the lies told about me rapidly accelerated from just offensive and vengeful to potentially lethal.

A Corrupt Court in Collusion with Ice Miller, LLP

I should explain at this point, exactly why I would not only consider but eagerly accept any Plea Agreement from the State of Indiana, if I truly felt that I had not committed a crime.  The answer is simple, it comes down to trust and confidence in the legal system, and I have none.  I am certain, beyond any doubt that I would not have received a fair trial or a fair sentence given the over exaggeration of my actions, the embellishment of the charges and the amplification of the required punishment.
I believe that the first written Plea Agreement presented to me from the State of Indiana has served as an exceptionally accurate representation of the fundamental motivations, associations and unethical intentions of those involved in this travesty of Justice.   The State Prosecutor’s vindictive requirement for me to have absolutely no contact of any kind, regarding any subject with any client of Ice Miller, LLP for any reason, is both unprofessional and the best evidence of either legal incompetence or unrestrained retribution.

Understand, no written Plea Agreement from the State of Indiana has ever been issued to me with any indication that any one of the several different Plea Agreements was a draft, a version, or an outline.  The fact is, I could have simply signed the very first written Plea Agreement from the State of Indiana, fully accepting the truly absurd limitations required by the Prosecutor.  I believe that these limitations were specifically crafted to protect the reputation of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, and limit the embarrassment of the Mormon Church.

Following are only a few examples of what would actually, literally and legally constitute an in-person violation of the first Plea Agreement from the State of Indiana.  Any of the following seemingly insignificant actions would have certainly placed me in “Contempt of Court.”  Based on the State’s Plea Agreement, normal everyday contact with any of the over 500 clients of Ice Miller, would reinstate the three Felony charges and ensure Prison time:

1. I am a full-time resident and tax payer of the State of California.  If I attend a class for Biblical Studies offered at San Diego State University, I would be in “Contempt of Court.”  San Diego State University is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

2. If visiting my mother in west Denver this spring, I were asked to pick-up her arthritis medication at the local Target Store, I would be in “Contempt of Court.” The Target Corporation is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

3. If our current home water filter became clogged again, and I called our local Culligan service representative, I would be in “Contempt of Court.” Culligan Water is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

4. If, on the way home from Church, I were to stop at our local McDonald’s for a Big Mac, fries and a Coke, I would be in “Contempt of Court.” The Mc Donald’s restaurant Corporation is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

5. I am a member of the Wyndham Hotels and Resorts.  If on a trip to the coast of California, if I were to use my Membership Points for a single night’s stay, I would be in “Contempt of Court.” Wyndham Hotels and Resorts is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

6. If after my night’s stay at the Wyndham Hotel, I were to purchase sun-screen at the local Wal-Mart Store in Monterey, I would be in “Contempt of Court.”  The Wal-Mart Corporation is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

7. If on the way home my car needed some minor repairs and I were to stop at the new Ford Dealer in Los Banos for a head light, I would be in “Contempt of Court.”  The Ford Motor Company is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

8. If I could not pay for the headlight, desperately needed on my car and I went to my Bank, the US Bank in Los Banos for a loan, again, I would be in “Contempt of Court.” The US Bank Corporation is a client of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.

I could go on with these juvenile but legally valid examples of how the State of Indiana had grossly overreached in its authority to suppress me, to protect the Law Firm that represents the City of Indianapolis as well as attempt to limit the embarrassment of the Mormon Church.  And if I were in fact to send a short one-page complaint about this treatment to the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, from my home here in California, I would actually, literally and legally be in “Contempt of Court” again, for they too are a protected client of Ice Miller.

Earlier, I openly ridiculed Mr. Paul Sinclair as a Partner of Ice Miller, LLP, specific to his inability to submit valid charges against me and also for using the Courts as his personal weapon of retribution.  I now openly scorn the Prosecutor for the State of Indiana for issuing a Plea Agreement, which clearly demonstrates an egregious overreach of authority.  Do these Attorneys not know that the very words and phrases that they so casually issue have the potential to damage or destroy lives?  Do these Attorneys not understand that the very words and phrases they so carelessly distribute to the Public are only moments away from the unquestioned authority and legally binding power of a Judge?

It is very possible, even probable that the Prosecutor, who authored the Plea Agreements for the State of Indiana, did not literally intend “no contact of any kind with any of the clients of Mr. Sinclair’s employer.”   Such a statement would clearly indicate that I could not purchase a Big Mac, or stay at a Hotel or pick-up sunscreen or even call the “Culligan Man.” to fix my water filter.  But, obviously the State Prosecutor is an educated man, skillfully trained and certified to represent the citizens of the State of Indiana, so, my assumption is that he both knows the Law and knows the English language.  As such, I should not speculate or hypothesize on what the State Prosecutor meant to communicate, or what he intended to write or what he really wanted to say.

Or is it possible, even probable that when I sent the short e-mail to Mr. Sinclair stating, “Outstanding, I will see you in two weeks.” not knowing the Law as the State Prosecutor does, not knowing that those eight mild-mannered words were legally in “Contempt of Court.”   Or is possible, even probable that was not what I meant to communicate, or what I intended to write or what I really wanted to say.  After 6 days and nights in Jail and $30,000.00 later, I would suggest that I have truly felt the consequences of my actions, mistakes and careless behavior.  And yet, if I as a common citizen recognize and then criticize some legally binding, if extremely abnormal limitations formally required by the Prosecutor, he can just change a few words and hit the print button again.  No harm, no foul and no responsibility or consequence to the State.

The last minute insertion to the formal No Contact Order adding the Utah based Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) is a bit more problematic.  Here the State Prosecutor forbids any contact, in any form, on any subject to a worldwide Organization that, heretofore has not even filed a complaint or motion with the Court.  Additionally, a search of the Court records does not reflect any grievance or objection communicated by The Mormon Church to the State that would require or even suggest the need or condition for The Mormon Church to be added to the Plea Agreement.  It is very unlikely that the State Prosecutor would on his own sincerely feel compelled to enhance the Plea Agreement with such a subjective item, if not so motivated from an external source.

After dealing with the obvious prejudice and corruption within Indianapolis for over 6 months, my return to an Indiana Court would not be sensible or productive.  I would have no expectation of fairness and the exposure of this story would only be frustrated and delayed by the expenditure of additional funds with no prospect of justice.   As such, the State of Indiana’s offer to administratively reduce three Criminal Felonies to three Low-level Misdemeanors, seems a bit mystical but very attractive.

It clearly is not enough to satisfy the State of Indiana, Ice Miller and the Mormon Church that I have been falsely accused, wrongly incarcerated, that my firearms have been confiscated, my every movement monitored and so severely restricted that I have been denied critical Medical attention for 6 months. The offered Plea Agreement was in its original form, simply spiteful and absurd by any standard.

My opinion is this: to win in such a Court would be both very unlikely and very expensive.   Yet, bringing this True Story out of the Court and into the Public will result in a much higher probability of exposing the collusion and corruption, which will in turn increase the probability of any real change to the improper and incestuous relationships within the Indiana Courts.  I sincerely believe that this demonstration of ruthless legal action is being stage-managed in Indianapolis by the Leadership of the Mormon Church, through the Mormon Deputy Chief of Police as well as the Law Firm of a very powerful Mormon Attorney.

Justice is Not Blind – At least Not in Indiana

On Thursday, February 18th of 2016, the partly overcast sunrise at 6:46 was stunning, but it was a bit chilly in Indianapolis at only 45 degrees with a moderate wind from the southwest. No major activities were planned within the city that day and, other than a few minor traffic accidents, the Police were still looking for Nathan Wayne Johnson, a medium build black man suspected of robbery, whose last known address was in the 3700 block of North Tacoma.

One very significant and remarkable event in my world would go totally unnoticed by the good citizens of the City of Indianapolis, which was founded in 1820.  Coincidently, 1820 was the very year that Joseph Smith Jr., the founder of Mormonism, claimed to have had a visitation from God Almighty in upstate New York and then completely failed to let anyone know about it for 12 years.  I have often wondered how a personal meeting with God Himself, if that story were trustworthy, could have been taken so lightly as to not warrant even the mention of such an event to anyone, even his family, for over a decade.

In any case, just before noon an extraordinary legal maneuver placed the citizens of Indiana back into a more secure situation.  My two Felony charges of Intimidation were dismissed, simply dismissed.  The written order which came with that news included a brief explanatory statement, “The facts as stated do not constitute an offense as charged.”  Signed, Judge Sheila A. Carlisle and Commissioner Stanley E. Kroh, both from the Criminal Division of the Marion Superior Court.  Without a Plea Bargain, without the presentation of any evidence or additional information, without a trial or an apology the charges were just… gone, vanished… dismissed, as if they never existed.

I was obviously delighted and clearly depressed at the same time.  For six months I had been a suspected Felon.  For more than six months I lived under the very real intimidation of knowing that the National average for a first-time conviction of Felony Stalking is 3 to 5 years in prison.  My severe frustration centered on the simplicity and casual nature of the explanatory legal statement from the Judge, “The facts as stated do not constitute an offense as charged.”  Did the facts change?  Did the facts six months ago constitute a “real” offense yet now they meant nothing?  Was the legal and authorized swift movement of a State Government to incarcerate a man, potentially for several years, really that arbitrary?

Only a week later I was offered a somewhat ominous opportunity to seek a “one-time” Plea Bargain.  The explicit offer was the dismissal of the final Felony Stalking charge in exchange for 3 Misdemeanor charges to include some form of non-reporting Parole for 3 years.  Considering the fact that for six months I had been on a 24-hour GPS monitor and a pre-trial travel restriction to just one county, I was sufficiently exhausted and they knew it.  I was advised that the State had always believed that this case should have been within the Civil Division and not the Criminal Division.  The probability was, to save face after issuing 3 very serious Felonies and 18 Misdemeanor charges, the State of Indiana could not just let me walk away totally unpunished.

Supported entirely by many gracious donations, just over $30,000.00, my rapid, expensive and painful education in the true cost of freedom and justice was more than adequate.  Without the Plea Bargain I was facing a possible 3 to 5 years in Prison and an additional cost of at least $10,000.00.   After some sage advice from my Attorney, warning me that this case could still land me in prison for 3 to 5 years if the jury did not comprehend the details of the case, I surrendered to the reality of my situation and humbly returned to Court to accept the deal.  Sixty years of life without an arrest record, a Disabled Veteran of 36 years of dedicated service, I felt cheated.  But, I begrudgingly accepted my punishment that was dished out by the Citizens of the State of Indiana.

After fully six months of some very costly pre-trial confinement, incarceration and theatrical legal strategies under the very real threat of several years in Prison, the final details are incredibly bizarre.

Two formal charges of Felony Intimidation were written and submitted to the Marion County Superior Court by Mormon Elder Paul H. Sinclair, a senior partner of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, LLP.  Subsequently, both charges were dismissed by the Court with the following explanations:
The allegations run afoul of a line of cases in Indiana and will not support a finding that the defendant intended to place the victim in fear of retaliation for prior acts.”

The Court therefore GRANTS the Motion to Dismiss as the facts stated do not constitute an offense as charged.”

And the last Felony charge was no more valid than the first two, which had completely vaporized under even a marginally competent legal reviewThe last Felony charge was held only as a motivation for me to relinquish my struggle and provide some measure of dignity and purpose to both the Court for such an egregious over-reach of authority and to Mr. Paul H. Sinclair, representative of the Mormon Church for his vengeful incompetence.

It is true that I do not personally know of Mr. Sinclair’s complete history as a properly trained and licensed Attorney in the State of Indiana.  Yet it is my opinion and I can state with some authority and experience, he is the one of the very best examples of the lack of ethics to be found within the Mormon leadership, the lack of integrity to be found within the Mormon leadership and the abundance of deception to be found within the Mormon leadership.

My two-part question is this: With the very real risk of me spending several years in Prison, how and why did the Court ever accept these formal charges in the first place?  Were these unsubstantiated and vindictive charges accepted merely on the reputation and position of a partner of the Law Firm of Ice Miller?

Were these two Felony charges of Intimidation just simply not written well enough?  Were these charges simply not justified by the facts?  Were these charges simply not researched?  Were these charges simply not supported by additional case law?  Were these charges simply not true?  Or where these Felony charges of Intimidation issued out of pure frustration with the intent to cause me physical, emotional and financial harm?

And what were these Felony charges based on?  I would ask the reader to remember that within the Charging and Arrest documents issued by the State of Indiana is the following accurate statement for which, I do admit total responsibility: “attacking the appropriateness of Paul H. Sinclair being both a partner of Ice Miller LLP and an elder of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter Day Saints to co-workers of Paul H. Sinclair and/or clients of Ice Miller LLP.”   Yes, I did send a number of probing questions to Government, Regulatory, and Professional Organizations, both public and private to question the “appropriateness” of the integrity and character of a fellow human beingWas that a crime?  Was that a felony?  Was that deserving of severe punishment?

And how does this incident reflect on the professionalism of the Law Firm of Ice Miller, who represents the City of Indianapolis and its Police Department, which have been implicated in this corruption?  If… if these several Felony charges were completely dismissed for cause, and issued by a first-year Student of Junior Community College, that would be tragic but completely understandable.  How is it that a senior partner of the powerful and respected Law Firm of Ice Miller, could so causally and yet so ineptly risk my welfare for his personal retribution?

At our home in California on the morning of Wednesday, the 2nd of March 2016, I received a completely outrageous and excessively oppressive Plea Agreement from the State of Indiana.  To both demonstrate and confirm the unethical and corrupt connection between the State of Indiana, the Law Firm of Ice Miller and the Mormon Church, I have included a copy of that document within Appendix C.   The “Plea Agreement” from the State offered to dismiss “all” remaining charges, if I would agree to Never Discuss this Story, Never Report this Story, Never Publish this Story, Never  Comment on this Story, Never be Interviewed about this Story and Never Contact the Mormon Church, on any subject and in any manner, means, method or mode for three years.

My juvenile overconfidence and unchecked passion combined with Elder Paul H. Sinclair’s pride and embarrassment escalated into a daring and dangerous misuse of the Courts as a personal tool of retribution.  How absolutely vengeful and yet completely and characteristically “Mormon” this entire event had been.

I had been beaten, physically, emotionally and financially.  And yet, I had been given a very personal, precious and unique, if somewhat risky chance to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a group of men I would otherwise never have known, within an environment I would never have experienced.

With the clearly demonstrated and well documented wide-spread corruption within the City of Indianapolis, my center of gravity, specific to any past respect or reverence for the legal system, had changed forever.  After 36 consecutive years of dedicated service to the Nation, I knew that I would never again regain my trust or confidence in the Rule of Law.  I had experienced first-hand what millions before me had dealt with either by the nature of their finances or the color of their skin. “Justice” in Indiana is not blind and her favoritism can be prolonged, persuaded or purchased.

I give all honor and glory to God for the opportunity to teach and preach of Him and of His Son through His Holy Spirit to those behind bars.
My intent was never to harm Elder Sinclair, only to challenge his integrity, question his knowledge and dispute his statements as a nationally-recognized, highly-qualified and well-paid representative of the Mormon Church.  I pray that Mr. Sinclair might come to a more complete understanding of the History, Doctrines and Practices of the Mormon Church.  I pray that he and his family might be blessed with a sure knowledge that Salvation is based on a personal Faith and Belief in Jesus Christ alone and not in the buildup of Works.

I give thanks to God for His grace and for His mercy in turning what was designed and crafted by deceitful men as a punishment, into a blessing and an opportunity for my personal growth and maturing in His Holy Word.  Amen.

In His Service,
Lee B. Baker


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Author: Lee Baker

Former Mormon Bishop Lee Baker - As a member of the Mormon faith for 32 years, having served honorably in many Leadership positions at the Branch, Ward and Stake level, I forced my own excommunication in 2008 after several painful years of meetings and letters to the highest levels of the Mormon Church concerning questions of doctrine and history.